Charlottesville’s Family Friendly Child Day Care, Infant & Preschool Center

Our Philosohpy

Four basic aspects of child growth and development are considered.

PHYSICAL GROWTH: Our program includes a balance of rest, nutritious food, fresh air, plenty of exercise, outdoor play and times of relaxation.

EMOTIONAL GROWTH: A child’s emotional development is reflected in his behavior. We strive to provide the child the security of knowing he is loved, belongs, and is wanted. We encourage self-confidence in the child. A happy and relaxed atmosphere is provided to help his emotional needs.

SOCIAL GROWTH: Social growth involves the child’s feelings and relationships with the people with whom he associates. Teaching a child to relate to small groups, large groups, adults and individual children is vital to his social development.

MENTAL GROWTH: Each child grows and develops at his own pace. Our staff recognizes the wide differences in intelligence and capacity for mental growth in children. Many experiences help each child mature at his own level. Teachers remain alert to educational readiness of the child.

Our Location

400 Georgetown Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Phone: (434) 977-0511